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Back To The British Colonial Period Through The Fort Marlborough

If you travel to Indonesia and visit one of the named provinces of Bengkulu, do not miss to visit one tourist object on this one is Fort Marlborough. 

Marlborough Fortress is the largest British colonial heritage in the Asian region. Marlborough Fortress stood proudly and facing towards the south, covers an area of 31.5 hectares. One attraction of this fort has a typical 18th century tortoise-shaped.

 Location of the center of town bordered by the fortress of China Village, which is also the area attractions. This fort was built in 1714 - 1719 under the leadership of Governor Joseph Collet. In one of the rooms once inhabited the fort was the first President Ir. Soekarno when the exiles sentenced Dutch colonial period.After the independence of Fort Marlborough restored by the government and become one of the attractions the city of Bengkulu. 

Bengkulu is a province in Sumatra island precisely in southern Sumatra. In the past this area had become an arena of competition between the British and Dutch trade. They are trying to acquire commodities (pepper) in there. Year 1664 was the Dutch East India Company founded with the auction office there. Year 1670 the Sultan of Banten issued new regulations pepper transaction. These rules were made to the Dutch suffered a loss. To that end, in that year (1670) Dutch left Bengkulu. They went to Banten with the aim of control. There, the Dutch managed to make the Sultan of Banten, signed agreements on trade monopoly by the Dutch.The agreement then that's what makes the Netherlands the attention focused only on the Banten. And, this opportunity was not squandered by England, through its EIC, to enter into Bengkulu

After approximately 140 years the British Government was in Bengkulu, many leave their "legacy" historic relic. One of them is the Castle This castle Marlborough.Nama using the name of an English nobleman and hero, namely John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough I. 
The fort is considered the largest in Asia. This historical heritage has great appeal because of its rarity.This fort was once the center of British colonial rule that controls the Bengkulu Province for approximately 140 years (1685-1825) 

Construction of this building Fort Marlborough was very thick with the architectural style of 20th century England the 'magnificent' and 'established'. Overall shape resembling a fortress complex of buildings-sectional body 'turtles' very impressive power and grandeur. The details of building a European presence to impress Taste great and glorious nation at that time. From various relics that still exist in building the fort can also note that in his time building also serves as a center of various activities including offices, even prisons.

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