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Lake Kerinci, Hidden Beauty

Lake Kerinci look so beautiful. In addition to its location at the foot of Mount King, this lake is located in two districts, namely the Lake District and District Round Lake Kerinci, Kerinci Regency

Kerinci Lake has an area 4200 ha with a depth of 110 m and is situated at an altitude of 783 m above sea level. The lake holds many species of fish. Semah fish is kind of the most popular and also the endemic fish species. Besides the beautiful scenery, interaction with the community around the lake also present the impression for visitors, like the fishermen who catch fish by using traditional tools such as tangguk fishing rods, nets, nets, and fish trap. If lucky, when fishermen landed, visitors can buy fresh fish below the market price.

which covers tens of hectares of cool air, each year become the location of the Community Care of Lake Kerinci Festival who has become an annual tourist calendar.

In the festival's various interesting tourist attractions and activities held in an effort to attract tourists to visit the Kerinci regency which is about 400 km from the city of Jambi's..

In addition to the Lake, there are other interesting tourist sites in the area:
- Regional Pesanggarahan, where we can see the view from the top of Lake Kerinci.
- Cape Hatta, Bung Hatta place to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Kerinci and plant trees there.
- House Laheik, a typical house in the village of Kerinci Seleman,
- Dolmen Stone Sacred Mosques King and Middle Island in Middle Island Village
- All around the lake Kerinci there are also a number of carved stone megaliths alleged human heritage

The trip to Lake Kerinci can be done in three alternative routes. 
The most important is the path toward the river full of Jambi, the second line is from Padang to Tapan and the last is from the desert toward Muaralabuh.

For those of you visitors Jambi city, nothing to worry about the problem of accommodation.Around Lake Kerinci Yeah so many first class hotels available jasmine having enough affordable rates also.

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