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Monas or National Monument is one of the Indonesian icon. Located in downtown Jakarta, became the tourist attraction and education center that attracts visitors.

Monas began construction in August 1959. The entire building was designed by the architects Monas Indonesia namely Soedarsono, Frederich Silaban and Ir. Rooseno. On August 17, 1961, Monument was inaugurated by President Soekarno. And began to open to the public since July 12, 1975.

Monas is always crowded by tourists to see the beautiful city of Jakarta from the top of Monas, broaden their knowledge of Indonesian history in the diorama room or enjoy the fresh urban forest area of approximately 80 acres in downtown Jakarta.

Urban forest park area around Monument Square, formerly known by the name of Gambir. Then she could change her name several times into the Field Ikada, Merdeka Square, National Monument and later became the National Monument Park.

132-meter-high monument was built and shaped yoni phallus. The entire building is covered by marble.

1. Flame
At the top of the cup on top of it there are bronze flame height 17 meters and a diameter of 6 meters with a weight of 14.5 tons. This flame coated with gold weighing 45 kg. Monas flame consists of 77 sections together.

2. Courtyard Peak
The peak width of the court is 11x11m. To reach the summit, visitors can use the elevator to travel approximately three minutes long. There are elevators around the emergency staircase. From the top of Monas courtyard, visitors can see the skyscraper buildings in the city. Even if the weather sunny, visitors can see Mount Salak in West Java and the Java Sea with the Thousand Islands.

3. Lower Courtyard
Under the court of the extent of 45x45 m. Height from the base of the monument to the court under 17 meters. In this section visitors can see Monument Park is a beautiful urban forest.

4. Museum of National Struggle History
At the bottom of the monument there is a large room that is the National Museum. The height is 8 meters. This museum showcases the history of the struggle of the Indonesian nation. Size of this museum is 80x80 m. On the fourth side of the museum there are 12 dioramas (show windows) which showcases the history of Indonesia from the time of the kingdoms of the Indonesian Nation ancestors until G30S PKI.

To visit the monument, there are many types of transportation that you can use. If you train users, you can use the KRL Jabodetabek types express a stop at Gambir Station. You can also use Trans Jakarta Bus transportation facilities. If you use a private vehicle, is available IRTI special parking lot, or you can park your vehicle at Gambir Station.

To be able to enter the building Monas, you can go through the entrance around the statue of Prince Diponegoro. Then you will go through an underground tunnel to enter the monument. You can also see through the Courtyard entrance to the north of Monas. Monas-hour opening hours are 9:00 am until 16:00 pm.

Monas can be one of your options for day trips with family and a place to educate children more about the history of Indonesia. You too can enjoy the fresh air from the shade of trees in the monument.

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