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Reaching The Segara Anak In Peak Of Rinjani Mountain

With an altitude of about 3726 meters above sea level, Mount Rinjani is Indonesia's third highest mountain after Jayawijaya Mountain in West Papua and Kerinci mountain in Sumatra.

Located in West Nusa Tenggara Lombok Island which is one of the world-famous tourist attraction Rinjani Mountain makes great demand by foreign tourists. Ascent of the challenging terrain and beautiful panorama 
of Rinjani Mountain is an attraction to invite hikers to visit.

Lake Segar Anak , the lake area of 1100 hectares located on the summit of Rinjani Mountain is a favorite place for hikers. Water that flows from this lake to form a beautiful waterfall, flowing through a steep ravine. Segar Anak beauty of the lake is what makes being tired during the ascent as if paid for.

To reach the island of Lombok, you can make air travel from Jakarta, Surabaya or Denpasar Bali to Mataram on Lombok. You can also travel overland from Bali but have to make crossing the Straits of Lombok.

After reaching Lombok, there are several routes that can be passed to reach Rinjani Mountain is Senaru routes and routes Sembalun Lawang. For more beginner climbers are advised to make a climb through Sembalun Lawang because besides can save 700 meters altitude, route Sembalun relatively long and flat. But because melwati desert savanna, this route will be more heat so it is recommended to use a protective or thermal barrier cream.

If you choose the route Senaru, you will get a climbing ascent without a break but due to the forest through the air will feel softer.

Following a route from Mataram to Senaru and Sembalun:
Mataram - Selong - Sambelia - Sembalun Lawang (140 km) of approximately 4.5 hours by car.When you walk to the lake ssekitar take 9 hours (25 km).
Mataram - Parrot - Senaru (82 km) approximately 2.5 hours, walk to the lake around 9 hours (25 km)

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