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Jatijajar Cave, Navigate The Bowels Of The Earth

For those of you who like to adventure in the bowels of the Earth then you should not miss this one tourist sites.

Jatijajar Cave, in shape by nature over thousands of years to make this cave into a beautiful masterpiece that offers the feel of another. Place adventure in the bowels of the earth, but relaxed and enjoyable.
Jatijajar Cave is a cave that was formed over thousands of years at the foot of limestone mountains. The length of the cave is 250 meters. In this Jatijajar Cave area there are also several other caves, like Intan Cave and Dempok Cave and available parks and Monkey Island. Stalactite contained in Dempok Cave naturally occurring for hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Until now still maintained its authenticity. Diamond Cave is one location with Jatijajar Cave tourism. This cave is unique to the sky cave that is relatively not too high. This limestone mountain range stretching from north and south ends jutting into the sea in the form of a cape.

According to popular legend, the ancient Jatijajar cave is a place of meditation Raden Kamandaka, who then got wangsit. Raden Kamandaka story was later known as the legendary monkey Kasarung. Visualization of these legends can be seen in a diorama that is in the cave. Legend in the caves depict the legend of Raden Kamandaka or legend Kasarung monkey. Deorama are in pairs and in Jatijajar Cave  there are 8 (eight) deorama, the statues there are 32 pieces. The legend tells the whole story of "Raden Kamandaka - Lutung Kasarung"

Inside the Jatijajar cave you can see spring called Sendang. Number of spring is there are 4 pieces, namely Spring Rose, kantil, Jombor and Puserbumi. Spring Rose believed to have supernatural powers that can make a person stay young, so every visitor is always made time to wash the face with the Rose Spring water

Jatijajar Cave lies in the village Jatijajar, District of Ayah, 23 km south Gombong or 42 km to the west from Kebumen, Central Java province. To get to Park Cave Jatijajar, it is not too difficult. If you are taking public transportation, take Jatijajar-Gombong. If you want to stay, there are around lokai hotels and homestay with affordable rates.

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