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Ogoh-Ogoh, Parade Of The Giants

If you want to enjoy Nyepi in Bali, then do not miss the parade of ogoh-ogoh also held in the afternoon early evening before the day of Nyepi.

Ogoh-ogoh is a sculpture depicting the culture of Bali in personality Bhuta Kala. In Hindu Dharma teachings, represent the strength of Bhuta Kala (Bhu) of the universe and time (Kala) is not measurable and irrefutable.

In the embodiment of the statue in question, Bhuta Kala is described as being big and scary, usually in the form of Giant

If you want to enjoy the parade of Ogoh-Ogoh would recommend that you use a motorcycle for transportation because of Ogoh-Ogoh parade of the big things this will cause delays to the road in its path

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