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Alas Kedaton, Bali Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton is a favorite tourist sites in Bali, usually tourists who visited the base Kedaton after visiting Tanah Lot and Bedugul or vice versa

Alas Kedaton is a temple located in the village of Marga district Kukuh approximately 4 km from the town of Tabanan. This temple has two very interesting uniqueness. The first has four entrances into the temple that is from the west which is the other main entrance of the North, the South East and all of them are heading into a central courtyard. The uniqueness of the second is in the pages which are the holiest places precisely located lower than the central courtyard and outdoor

Besides the uniqueness of the temple Alas Kedaton, this location is known by the number of monkeys that live in the forest around the temple. Hundreds of monkeys that inhabit the forest surrounding the temple is considered to be something sacred by members of Bali. The monkeys live in groups led by each of a great monkey.

Apart from monkeys, around the temples can also be found a lot of bats whose numbers did not lose much by the number of monkeys. You will be able to see the bats is still hanging in the trees waiting for the night came in search of food.

Alas Kedaton locations you can travel approximately 30-60 minutes drive from Denpasar. After buying the entrance ticket, you will be approached by a special guide Kedaton base location.Together with the base location Kedaton guide you will find complete information about the temple Alas Kedaton, habits of life that live around monkey temples and bats in the trees of the forest in those locations.

Inside the temple Alas Kedaton location you will be very close to the monkey. Do not worry when the monkeys approached because the monkeys around the temple is quite benign and harmless.

After being around the location of the base Kedaton and observing the lives of the monkeys, you will be guided by the guide to the souvenir shops around the temple especially  is owned stores, because it's actually guide the guide is in charge of the shop owners turn to guide both the seller at the souvenir shop .

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