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Surfers and Nembrala Beach

For wave hunters from all over the world who come to Indonesia, Côte Nembrala has become one magnet that attracts them to challenge the waves which is one of the best in Indonesia.

Like the case in the district Dompu Lakey Beach on the island of Sumbawa, Beach Nembrala not so well known by the public unless the surfer tourists

Nembrala Beach has an international scale waves, so no wonder that many foreign tourists who visit it. The beach atmosphere Nembrala still far from the hustle so most of the visitors more love to play with the high waves at this beach.

Nembrala Beach is located on the island of Rote, a well located at the southern tip of the territory of Indonesia. Rote Island entered the territory of East Nusa Tenggara provincial government

To reach this island you have to do a flight from Bali to Kupang (El Tari airport). Arriving at Kupang in advance you can stay in this city or if you wish to travel directly towards the island of Rote can be continued by car to Port Tenau approximately 30 minutes.

There are two methods you can do crossing from Port Tenau to Rote Island is by ferry boat to the Pantai Baru (Harbor on the island of Rote) where the journey is approximately 3-4 hours or by using a fast boat to the Ba’a city with travel time approximately
40-60 minutes.

If you are traveling towards the Pantai Baru, then you must continue the journey by car to Ba'a followed by a trip to Nembara approximately 1.5 hours.

Beach Nembrala around, there are several lodging options, ranging from hotels to homestay with tens of thousands of rupiah rate to hundreds of thousand rupiah per night. Although the facilities are a bit limited, but Nembrala Coast, East Nusa Tenggara deserve thumbs up by its visitors, including your precise.

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