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Lovina Beach and Dolphins

If you are an animal lover, especially the dolphin tour locations this one is not to be missed.Located in the North of Bali on the north coast Bali precisely about 10 km west of Singaraja on the village Kalibukbuk, Buleleng regency, Bali, a beach called Lovina beach will give you the adventure with the dolphins. The distance that must be taken approximately 100 km from Denpasar or three hour drive.

Lovina Beach is a beach with black sand that is still natural, so exciting to visit. What is interesting in Lovina Beach is a journey into the sea in waters of Lovina. You can see dolphins in waters of Lovina is located about one kilometer from the beach. Bali Sea is located in the relatively calm waters of the Lovina so you can make a tour at sea using fishing boats.

To be able to see the attraction of wild dolphins, you have to leave early when the sun will rise.
Why? Since the dolphins in this region occurs only between the hours of 6 am to 8 am. At that hour, dozens of dolphins will beratraksi naturally show their activities. There are just swimming in the water, there is also skipping. Of course this will fascinate the beauty of marine animals will be colored black.

Tourists can documenting dolphins attraction on free waters. Motor boat approached the fishing is always faithful flock of dolphins. Shortly before the close, the boat motor is turned off so that the dolphins are not bothered. In a quiet atmosphere, tourists can watch the dolphin action with more comfort. This flock of dolphins began to disappear after a scorching sun

To be able to enjoy the sights of dolphins, tourists must stay at Lovina. Hotel rates are offered cheaper than Kuta and Sanur.

In the area of Lovina, you also can dive or snorkel to enjoy the beauty of the sea on the beach.You can find a variety of ornamental fish are friendly enough to come to the divers. Indeed in Lovina marine parks are not as beautiful as the other marine parks in Indonesia. However, you will be quite happy playing with ornamental fish in these waters.

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mt said...

wah, waktu ke Bali Mei yang lalu aku nggak sempat ke tempat ini... nanti ah,kalo ke Bali lagi. makasih ya infonya