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Nyepi, The Silence And Darkness Tour

Nyepi is the feast day Hindu festival which is actually a celebration of new year Çaka (Saka)

Currently there are four Nyepi taboos that must be followed by Hindus ie Amati Geni (abstinence, light the fire), Amati Karya (activity to stop working), Amati Lelanguan (abstinence consoled himself / stop the enjoyment), Amati Lelungan (abstinence-traveling).

Nyepi celebrations in Indonesia may be more pronounced if you are in Bali. 
As the celebration of Nyepi Bali island feels like a ghost town where nearly all residents to stop all its activities so that the settlements and bustling downtown that was going to feel lonely and desolate.

Nyepi celebrations will be more exotic again when the night when natural circumstances surrounding the dark condition, quiet and very calm. You certainly will get you the beauty that can not be imagined and can not be found elsewhere.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Nyepi in Bali you should know the day of the new year Çaka (Saka) is because on this day only once a year. 
Select a hotel located in the center of a crowd or a residential center, so you'll feel the difference the very moment conditions before and during Nyepi. Usually hote-hotel will provide a package of Nyepi in which the price offered is lower than the normal tariff.

In addition to the dark exoticism and serenity that can be found at the time of Nyepi, you will also be presented with freshness and cleanliness of air that you can enjoy the full. The lack of vehicles, factories and other pollution sources that operate during Nyepi made the air so fresh and clean.

It is estimated that approximately 20,000 tons of emissions reduced each successful holiday Nyepi celebrations in Bali even the activists in Bali is being proposed to the UN to make the Nyepi is also celebrated by the world as World Silent Day.

Nyepi addition, the night before Nyepi you can enjoy the Ogoh-Ogoh parade where you can enjoy the results of Balinese art soul.

Whether you are challenged to enjoy the Nyepi in Bali?

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