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Tanjung Benoa and Water Sport, Your Adrenaline Tour

Tourist island of Bali has been synonymous with beauty and beaches waves. Waves on beach Bali is enough to make adrenaline surfers and visitors ride for a while. But did you know that in Bali there are also water sports center or a water sport that can boost your adrenaline to the point that you want? 

Tanjung Benoa Beach or simply known as the Tanjung Benoa is just the tourist sites are located at the eastern tip of Bali island which is included in the administrative district of Tanjung Benoa, Badung regency. This beach is a tourist destination complete enough water. Various water sports facilities available here such as Banana Boat, Flying Fish, Parasailing, jetski, snorkeling and Scuba diving you can enjoy for a relatively affordable price

Banana Boat, 
Is a water sport that uses a single rubber boat where you will be attracted by speed boat around the coast within 15 minutes. Banana boat load capacity is less than 4 people plus 1 instructor as a companion. The most exciting and thrilling at the Banana Boat is when you are riding in a rubber boat overturned in the middle of the sea when rubber boat is at a fairly high speed. That's when you and other passengers will be thrown into the sea and drowned some time. But do not worry, your safety will be maintained by a life jacket and trainers who are ready to help when needed. You and the other passenger who was thrown into the sea should try to swim back to the rubber boat Banana Boat. 

Flaying Fish, 
It is a game where the 3 pieces of banana boat put together with additional rubber boat across the front and there is a kind of right beside left wing. Flying Fish is played by 3 people max, that is 2 people left right passenger side and 1 instructor in the middle.Position you can beridir like riding a motorcycle or sleep on her back. Flying Fish will be attracted by speed boat speeds with downwind path. Thus, a flying fish would fly over the water about 5 meters or more depending on the speed of the wind like kites. For those of you who like a challenge, do not miss to try this game. 

Parasailing is a game that uses an umbrella parachute and pulled by speed boat to Tanjung Benoa beach surrounding. This game is like skydiving. When the game is a round about 4 minutes in the air. Height of the rope which connects the parachute to a speed boat about 80 yards. 

The game uses the vehicle on the beach like a motorcycle. Jetski here can not you drive yourself, should be accompanied by an instructor on the beach of Tanjung Benoa remember there are many boats and other watersport activities so that collisions can be avoided. But do not worry, instructors will only drive from the beach toward the middle of the sea and after that you can ride for free. When the game is 15 minutes. To enjoy the sensation try to hit the waves came. 

Snorkeling is swimming underwater while seeing sights. The main requirement you should be able to swim. By using a mask and fins, you will see ornamental fish and coral reefs while swimming. 

Scuba Diving 
Scuba Diving is diving. You will be given complete diving equipment, ranging from clothing, etc. oxygen tank. Diving does not have to know how to swim, it's better if you can not swim. The tourists will be accompanied by an instructor under water so no need to worry about security. Previously, you would be brief before about ways to dive distinguished. The depth for beginners ranging between 3 feet - 7 feet in the water for 40 minutes. Taking the bread for food fish, you will see the beautiful underwater scenery full of beautiful coral reefs and colorful ornamental fish. 

In Tanjung Benoa, in addition to water sports tour packages you can also do the tour to visit Turtle Island. 

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Good sharing, Tanjung Benoa in south-eastern tip of Bali and Nusa Dua, accessable through Kuta, Sanur and Ngurah Rai Airport with not more than 40 minutes with boat. See detail visit: