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Bedugul, Bali Mountains Tourist Site

Bali tourism is already famous for its beautiful beaches (Pantai Kuta, Dreamland Beach, Lovina and Tanjung Benoa Beach) and other tourist sites are located were not far from the beach such as Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple and the pedestal so it's no wonder if Bali known as tourist sites with the warmth of the air.
But did you know that Bali is also a tourist location that offers the natural beauty of the mountains and cool air is not less than the mountain tourist sites in other areas?

Bedugul is one of the mountain tourist sites in Bali that you must visit if you want to get another mood after enjoying the beaches satisfied. A high place to make this area is always shrouded in mist and cold air. Bedugul area is part of the district of Tabanan and is approximately 70 km or 2.5 hours from the International Airport (Airport), Ngurah Rai.
Here are some attractions you can enjoy when you visit Bedugul:

Lake Beratan
Lake Beratan Bedugul is located in the area, the Village Candikuning, Baturiti District, Tabanan, Bali. Being in the provincial road between Denpasar - Singaraja. Beratan Lake is one tourist attraction in Bedugul that unfortunately if you miss. The cool weather during the day make you feel comfortable to enjoy the scenery around the lake Beratan.To enjoy the scenery around the lake, you can rent a boat and canoe boot. It is suitable for you and your family or with your partner to enjoy the natural beauty around the lake Beratan. Beratan lake tourist sites also offer a variety of water sports and restaurants as other supporting facilities

Pura Ulun Danu
Pura Ulun Danu is available at the edge of Lake Beratan. According to history Ulun Danu Beratan known from archaeological and historical data contained in the ejection chronicle Mengwi. To the left of the front page puraUlun Danu Beratan contained a sarcophagus and a stone board, which is derived from the megalithic tradition, around 500 BC. Both artifacts are now placed above each Babaturan or terrace where the estimated location Ulun Danu Beratan, has been used as a place to carry out ritual activities since the megalithic era. Ulun Danu Beratan temple complex consists of 4, namely: Pura Linga Petak, Mangu Pucak Upgrading Pura, Pura Terate Bang, and the Pura Dalem Purwa serves to praise the greatness of God in its manifestation as Dewa Tri Murti, to beg grace of fertility, prosperity, human welfare and sustainability of the universe.

Eka Bali Botanical Gardens
The atmosphere is different when you enter the area Eka Wisata Bali Botanic Garden.Large trees along the road and an assortment of plants make you feel like entering a well-organized forest. This Botanical Garden is a garden of Botany under the guidance of Plant Conservation Centre Bogor Botanical Gardens.

 Eka Bali Garden Area highway approximately 157.5 ha and has a collection of plants grouped by family

Eka Bali Botanical Garden is one of the favorite tourist location for people who come from cities such as Denpasar or delinquent for a trip or picnic with family.

Location Eka Bali Botanical Garden not far from Lake Beratan (about 2 km), making the package tour to Bedugul more complete with a visit to this botanical garden.

Inside the  Eka Bali Botanical Gardens area there are also Treetop game area you can try to test your adrenaline at altitude

Strawberry Picking
Bedugul tourist sites located in mountainous areas make this area a regional producer of fruits and vegetables that diverse. You can buy souvenirs of fresh fruit and vegetables from this area, one location is quite famous is Candikuning market. 

In addition to buying directly from the merchant, you also can enjoy the pleasure to pick fruit, especially strawberries straight from the tree. At tourist sites Bedugul many plantations that offer tour packages strawberry picking strawberries with a very affordable cost.

For those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Bedugul tourist sites no longer need to worry with the existing accommodation, because many of the cheap hotel up to international standard hotels are available in this area.

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