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Lakey Beach, Paradise For The Surfer

If you would like to surfers who surf challenge then it is incomplete if you do not visit one tourist attraction on this one, Lakey Beach. 
Located in District Huu, Regency of Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara, Lakey Beach is a beach that has the best waves in the world. Because of the lack of promotion by making this beach is still not known by the surfers of the world, but for those surfers who never feel the waves on the beach is certainly going to be special memories are hard to forget. Lakey Beach has greatness because it has four kinds of waves, namely Lakey Peak, Cobble Stones, Lakey Pipe and Periscope. Part of the most consistent and powerful in the surf at Lakey Peak Lakey. 

Because the waves were stable throughout the year, then became a regular Lakey Beach digelarnya locations world-class surfing competitions. Last competition at Lakey Beach conducted on October 31 that was held the championship "Lakey Peak 2009 Sultan's Cup." A total of 50 participants including eight surfers involved competing abroad at that time. 

Each year the tour to visit this beach is increasing. To reach this beach you can travel to the Bima air which then forwarded to the journey overland to the area Dompu for approximately 1-2 hours away by car. Apart from Bima there are also tourists who make the trip to Sumbawa Besar air which was then forwarded to travel overland for approximately 5-7 hours by car.

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