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Sail Banda 2010, Small Island For Our Future

Indonesia is a maritime nation that is rich in both its maritime potential of marine resources or the potential for tourism. After successfully holding rd, when the government is preparing Sail Banda in 2010 which is planned to be held in the month of Jul - August 2010.

Tourist from other countries must visit Banda Islands because Banda Islands are one of Indonesia’s top destinations for divers. Both

experts and beginners will enjoy themselves here, as the diving ranges from the shallow lagoon between Banda Neira and Mount Api to the vertical walls of Hatta Island, the most easterly in the group. The Banda group, about 160 kilometers southeast of Ambon, consists of three larger islands and seven smaller ones, perched on the rim of Indonesia's deepest sea, the Banda Sea. Near Manuk Island, the water reaches more than 6,500 meters depth. Of the three biggest islands Banda, Banda-Neira and Mount Api, the first two are covered with nutmeg trees and other vegetation. The third however, is entirely bare and highly volcanic. The last eruption of Mount Api occurred only a few years ago. The seas around Banda are the sites of the famous Maluku sea gardens with their bright corals and colorful fish darting through the crystal-clear waters. Facilities for sightseeing, snorkeling and skin-diving are available, as well as clean, comfortable cottages.

Things to see and do in Banda Islands :
·         Scuba diving & snorkeling
·         Colonial Dutch architecture
·         Banda Neira market

Sail Banda 2010 will take the main theme of "Small Island, For Our Future" means small islands fatherly our future. This theme was taken because the Maluku as the location of this activity is a province that is dominated by its geographical srtuktur small islands. At the same time very terncam sebgai area with the climate change issue is very relevant when the discussion focused on the impact of changes ilkim on small islands. An exciting agenda to be understood by the Forum Island Province

Sail Banda 2010 Vision and Mission :
  • Making Maluku As East Gate Indonesia
  • Creating The Best Sailing Passage
  • Developing Potential of Marine and Fisheries of Maluku for People's Welfare
  • Promotion World Class Tourism Destination
Sail Banda 2010 Program Collaboration DKP, Depbudpar, Kemenegpora and Maluku Province Goverment,and many other Institution.

Main Activity Of Sail Banda 2010 :
  1. Bhakti Surya Baskara Jaya Operations and International Civic Mission
  2. Yacht Rally and Yacht Racht
  3. National and International Seminar
  4. Adolecent Cross Bahari
  5. Anniversary of independence of the Republic of Indonesia in the Outermost Small Islands, 17 August 2010 
  6. Peak Events attended by President Republic of Indonesia
 Supporting Activity Sail Banda 2010 : 
  1. Sport Waters
  2. Sea Food and Fish Product Expo 
  3. Art Performances and Tourist Attraction 
  4. Other Support Activities
Source : Sailbanda.com, Malukuprov.go.id

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