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Baturraden, Between Coolness And Warmth

The number of volcanoes in Indonesia has brought blessing for this country. Not only makes the surrounding area but also the presence of fertile volcanic able to form tourist areas you can enjoy.

One of the tourist sites on the slopes of the volcano is a tourist location Baturraden.Baturaden is located in the northern town of Purwokerto right on the south slope of Mount Slamet, exactly in Banyumas, Central Java.

Identical to the tourist sites on the slopes, Baturraden offers coolness and freshness of air and beautiful natural scenery. So do not be surprised if this area is one location of the camp that preferred by nature lovers. Not just its natural beauty, Baturaden also offers a source of hot water is no less interesting and even has a separate icon for the location of this tour.

The stones are beautifully formed because the flow of hot springs in this tourist site will add to your trip to exotic Baturraden. You also can bathe and enjoy the hot springs because it is believed this will cure various skin diseases.

Hot water bath is divided into two parts, namely bath located in a closed room and closer to the gate, or a hot spring located / - 500 meters from the gate in the form sebah open bathing pool with three hot shower so that known Shower as Telu. To achieve this Barbadensis Shower baths, visitors must walk past gets in or the other side of the hill / valley that exist at this location. Although the hot spring shower telu this is in place is open, visitors must pay more money to go to that location.

As with many other hot water bath, water fountain telu trusted to contain minerals that can cure various skin diseases, or rheumatism. Color stone sorrel show that there is at least water, rich in sulfur elements. A sign board in one corner of the site, contains the text for the health warning is to not bathe more than 15 minutes. 
When visitors have completed a hot water bath, a shower can shift under cold water shower that is also not far from the location of immersion.

Besides Shower Barbadensis, there are also shower Pitu whose location is adjacent to upper shower Telu.

The cool air and beautiful nature also has a lot to invite investors to develop tourist sites with many established hotels and villas, making it easier for tourists mencari Accommodation needed to enjoy this tourist sites longer

Baturaden can be reached by private car or public use. The distance of Navan town about 20 km and can be reached within 15 minutes with traffic that is not too dense. If you want to use public transport tourists to ride public transportation from the terminal in Purwokerto and alight at the terminal lokawisata Baturaden. If you want more practical travelers can use a taxi. If you decide to use personal vehicles, should be careful because the road is uphill with a slope of about 30 degrees.

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