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Moyo Island, World Class Tourist Object

Moyo Island is one of the world-class tourist object  in Indonesia. Foreign tourists like Lady Diana and Mick Jagger once preached on vacation in this island. 

Located 2.5 km from the island of Sumbawa and Sumbawa Besar districts included in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat, Pulau Moyo including exclusive area because it is managed only by a resort that is Amanwana

Offers natural beauty and originality make Moyo Island in great demand by foreign tourists who seek comfort in a vacation. 

Tourist attraction offered by a variety of Moyo Island attractions including waterfalls, rare birds and a variety of underwater beauty of course, supported by international standard accommodation

As soon as his exclusive Moyo Island makes tourists should prepare a cost that is large enough to enjoy it so this is rarely a tourist object visited by domestic tourists. 

To reach Moyo Island, you can make air travel from Bali to Sumbawa Besar followed by a journey overland approximately 10-20 minutes to Ai Bari, a coastal village in Sumbawa Besar.From Bari Ai continued by using the speedboat journey around 15 minutes to the island of Moyo. 

If you do not get a flight to Sumbawa Besar, the trip can be done by taking a flight to Lombok.
From Lombok you can do has to travel overland and crossing from port to port Tano Khayangan which then resumed its journey overland to Sumbawa Besar. The trip can be taken approximately five hours by car. 

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2 Response to "Moyo Island, World Class Tourist Object"

Putri Erdisa said...

I really love Moyo Island! I knew this island first because I read an article on Jakpost Travel at www.jakpost.travel. There are also more great places in Indonesia reviewed in the website. You have to check it out! :D

s vijjayasena said...

It is my favourite island. Same with Indonesia's Temple let's go