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Waterfall Grojogan Sewu, Enchantment Tawangmangu

Central Java province is one that has many tourist attraction. Besides Borobudur and Jatijajar Goa, one of the well-known tourist attraction is a major tourist sites Tawangmangu

Tawangmangu known as a tourist attraction on the slopes of the mountains west of Mount Lawu which can be reached by land vehicles for about an hour from the city of Surakarta (Solo). This place since the Dutch colonial era has become a place of recreation. Object is a major tourist destination Grojogan Sewu Waterfall (height 81 m).In this resort is a variety of tourist supporting facilities such as swimming pools and various forms of lodging

Besides the cool air, the surrounding natural beauty is no less interesting to the other regions in Indonesia, especially in this area is famous for producing vegetables, agricultural production other than the presence of attractions Grojokan Sewu Waterfall.Tawangmangu itself has become the choice for urban people to build villas, or invest by setting up these hotels & inns.

To be able to reach the location of the waterfall visitors should walk down hundreds of stairs from the entrance at one booth or walking through a pine forest by two counters in the west of the tourist complex area with a slightly uphill road conditions. Besides enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, visitors can also enjoy fresh water swim in the cool pool and relaxing with family in the complex area waterfalls or play in the clear river water. At this location there are also hundreds of long-tailed monkeys. Visitors can feed the monkeys directly but must be careful because sometimes they fought fiercely when it is

Various handicrafts, souvenirs and eat lightly for souvenirs typical of Tawangmangu presented at the souvenir shops along the street outside the entrance booth. Not forgetting those who want to try horseback riding just to try or to travel to other locations in Tawangmangu, dozens of tenants from unity Turonggo Karyo horses ready to take visitors to the destination.

To reach the location of this tour, you can travel by car or bus from the city of Solo with Programs Tawangmangu. Then proceed on foot or by motorbike taxi about 500 meters from the terminal Tawangmangu.

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