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Sendang Gile Waterfall, The Beauty In Leg of Mount Rinjani

Lombok Island has a lot of very interesting tourist attraction, it is no wonder that the island is also one of the prime tourist areas in Indonesia other than Bali.

In addition to Senggigi Beach and Mount Rinjani along its Lake Segara Anak, the island of Lombok has a Sendang Gile Waterfall  as a major tourist destination.

Located at the foot of Mount Rinjani is precisely in the Village Senaru, Sendang Gile Waterfall already attracted thousands of visitors each year. Located at an altitude of 600m above sea level, this waterfall offers a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. For tourists who get bored with the frenzied city, it's good to stop in this tourist sites. The touch of nature that are categorized as far from urban shades, beautiful and captivating panoramic views, as well as the fresh air, able to bring you to the world that can eliminate fatigue in the head.

There are two paths to get to the Village Senaru. 
Through Senggigi or through Pusuk. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If passed Pusuk, landscape green fields and mountains on either side presented. After that trip will go through a winding road as he climbed up past the peak pusuk. When passing peak pusuk (usually called pusuk pass) you will pass Pusuk tourist areas, where along the way there will be little monkeys. No need to worry about the monkeys are really benign

The second alternative is to pass Senggigi. Distance traveled farther and longer than through pusuk, but this path promises view beach. Starting from meninting Beach, Pantai Batu Bolong, Senggigi Beach, Beach Kerandangan, Cote Malimbu up to see 3 small islands west of Lombok island of Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno.

Location waterfall located in the area of Rinjani is called Sendang Gile (crazy) , because according to the story, local residents accidentally discovered this waterfall when the screwed crazy lion hunt in a village and then ran into the forest. Tourist sites more frequently visited by domestic tourists has a height of about 31 meters. This waterfall comes from the top of the cliff and fell into the river beneath. Basically relatively flat, so a lot of people who bathe under a waterfall. There is another waterfall locations in this location named Tiu valve. However, because the distance from Sendang Gile long time (1 hour) and poor road conditions, travelers often prefer simply to visit this waterfall.

From the booth door, we have to walk through the path of cement down the stairs interspersed with quite a lot. At that location there are two waterfalls. . To reach the largest waterfall in this location, we have to get out of the cement road. Across a small footpath to follow the flow of irrigation, which at the same bridge melwati irrigation ditch at an altitude of about 20 m above the river covered with lush trees. After that we have to cross the river, jumping up and down on the stones of the river, until finally go down the path. The journey from the first waterfall to waterfall into two range took approximately 15 minutes. Until we finally arrived at a large waterfall whose voice thunders.

A large waterfall. With the walls of the giant half-circle, moist and mossy. Feeling tired down the stairs will feel lost when you arrived at this tourist sites. The flow of water and the pond is so clear, seemed to invite you to bathe in it.

Besides its natural beauty is breathtaking begtu, residents around believing that if we take a bath in this waterfall will make us look one year younger.

Sendang Gile tourist sites also offer a hotel or villa that is no less compared to other tourist sites. Cool temperatures at this location will make the air was cool so it will make you feel at home to enjoy this location much longer.

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