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Canyon Sianok and Hole Japan

Panoramic beauty of the canyon Sianok always amaze visitors. Sianok canyon or valley Pendiang is a beautiful valley, green and lush. In essence flowed a river winding through the cracks with a background cliffs of Mount Merapi and Mount Singgalang. Sianok stunning natural beauty of the canyon that is often used as materials of the painter's imagination.

Sianok canyon is actually a steep valley (cliff) located in the heart of the town of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. This valley extends from the south and winding canyon in the canyon Koto Gadang until Sianok Six Ethnic, and ended up Palupuh. Sianok canyon has beautiful scenery and become one of the main tourist attraction province.

The canyon is about 100 m which extends along 15 km with a width of approximately 200 m and is part of Sumatra Island memsiahkan faults in half lengthwise (Fault Semangko). 
This fault forms a steep wall, even perpendicular and form a green valley - a result of decreased movement of earth crust (sinklinal) - Sianok by flowing river in which the water clear. In the Dutch colonial era, this gap also called buffalo sanget, because of the many free-living wild buffalo in the bottom of the gorge.

The river can be forded Sianok now using canoes and kayaks who disaranai by a water sports organization "Qurays". 
The route taken was from village to village Sitingkai Lambah Trunk Palupuh for about 3.5 hours. On its banks are still mostly found rafflesia and rare plants such as medicinal plants. The fauna found such long-tailed monkeys, gibbons, hoop, deer, wild boar, leopard, and tapirs.

Sianok canyon is not only beautiful but also a mute witness to the suffering of the Indonesian people during the occupation by Japan. This is evidenced by the finding holes / Goa Japan.

Japanese hole was established from the year 1942-1945 by the surrounding populations forcibly employed by Japanese soldiers. Inside the underground tunnel 1.47 km long, there are 21 small hallway which had previously been the halls of the castle for the defense, such as ammunition storage hall, chamber of the Japanese military soldiers, meeting rooms, romusa dining room, kitchen, prison, courtroom , torture chamber, where the reconnaissance, ambush, and escape door

When she walked into the tourist attraction with nearly two acres of this area, visitors will be down the ladder as far as 64 meters to actually arrived at a depth of 40 meters. While there, visitors will first meet with the hall once used as an ammunition storage space on the right side.Later, visitors will get out of this tunnel after being satisfied to wander back to the entrance which also serves as a temporary exit. After the military chamber, on the right side visitors will find a hallway with the same function. Later, the hall will be used as a mini theater to show films related to the history of Japanese occupation of Indonesia especially in the Minangkabau.

To reach the location of this tour, you can make the flight from Jakarta to Padang and then continued with a trip by car to the town of Bukit Tinggi.

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